What we do?

Educational Planning and Assessment

Assessing the academic strengths, weaknesses, and goals of students and developing personalized education plans and strategies.

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University Selection

Assisting parents and students in choosing the right university or educational program. Providing information and advice on various educational options.

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Admission Application Process

Offering advice on university selection, application requirements, standardized tests, and extracurricular activities. Providing scholarship and financial aid information.

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Career Counseling

Assisting students and individuals with career planning and exploration. Offering advice on majors, internships, and job market trends.

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Travel Assistance

The final step in the admission process is to depart for your destination and finding accommodation for yourself in the new country. We at Taleem Consultants are with you at this stage as well.

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Student Accommodation

Many universities offer on-campus housing for international students. This is often convenient and provides an opportunity to meet other students.

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